Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama and the Europhiles

Via RealClearPolitics, here is a nice op-ed piece in the TimeOnline giving a European perspective on the Obama world tour:

The Europhiles are not the future, Mr Obama

The money paragraph:

The EU admits to a democratic deficit which has not been made good by the Constitutional treaty or by the Lisbon treaty. The essential facts that Mr Obama needs to know are that the Constitutional treaty was rejected by referendums in France and the Netherlands, that the Irish rejected the Lisbon treaty, with much the same content, and that the British have been refused a referendum on the Lisbon treaty despite manifesto promises at the last general election. Eighty per cent of British voters want a referendum; the British feel cheated by their Government.

However, I don't think Obama is too concerned about the democratic deficit in the evolution of the EU. In fact, he thinks we have a little too much self-determination over here in the US. His "Tax Fairness Plan" amounts to outright income redistribution, and coincides with a proposed health care plan, service initiatives, and a "civilian national security force" that would be "just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the US military. If implemented as planned, these initiatives would massively swell federal bureaucracies and foster widespread independence in government handouts on a scale previously unimagined in the USA.

Finally, if elected, Obama would drastically undermine US sovereignty and the liberty of it's citizens even further with the help of the UN. In the US Senate bill 2433, Global Poverty Act of 2007, sponsored by our dear leader, Barack Obama himself, Obama would force Americans to submit to the UN Millennium Declaration (res 55/2) opening a Pandora's box of really bad ideas: Global Poverty Tax, a standing UN peace force, a UN light arms register [probably not very compatible with the 2nd Amendment], peace education for K-university, and US ratification of the International Criminal Court, among other enlightened initiatives.

Obama doesn't just see eye-to-eye with the democracy deficient Europhiles; he plans to outdo them over here on the western side of the Atlantic. You've got to give him one thing -- that's going to be one hell of a change.

[I plan more detailed posts on all these topics, but they require alot of wading through bureaucrat-ese, and it's scary stuff. I can only subject myself to so much at a time.]

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