Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tue Night's Debate

And the winner is...

... Bob Barr

McCain didn't win this round. True, he landed some good body blows: cronyism, links to Fannie and Freddie, and taxes, but there were no knockout punches on Ayers, Obama's plans to send billions of $$$ to corrupt dictators via the UN, or his excessively waxed eyebrows. [Last debate Obama had 'evil wizard' eyebrows... this time he had 'who me?' eyebrows -- valuable political commentary, I know]

Even McCain's grating repetition of his signature verbal tic "my frieeends" wasn't enough to sink it for him. No... this is what made me sick:

So this rescue package means that we will stabilize markets, we will shore up these institutions. But it's not enough. That's why we're going to have to go out into the housing market and we're going to have to buy up these bad loans and we're going to have to stabilize home values, and that way, Americans, like Alan, can realize the American dream and stay in their home.

WTF?!? Why on earth should the government be involved in setting housing prices? Why should my tax dollars bail out greedy 'mainstreet' idjits who bought houses they couldn't afford? Call me a jerk, but I always though, 'if you can't afford to pay for something, then you don't get to have the thing' was sort of like a basic part of being an adult.

Anyhoo... McCain ultimately lost in my mind because he failed to make a basic defense of American capitalist values against a radical left wing socialist. I expected some hand waving populism to appease those elusive centrists, but McCain went way to far. I was briefly excited about McCain after the Palin nomination, but I am not certain that her presence in the VP slot is going to be enough to help me swallow McCain's $300b bitter pill.

My state is nowhere near any kind of swing state so I feel safe casting a protest vote. Maybe it will register with someone, somewhere in the GOP and we see more fiscally conservative, libertarian minded candidates in 2012.

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