Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anarchist Riots in Denver

A group of radicals/anarchists calling themselves "Recreate '68" are attempting to disrupt the Democratic National Convention in Denver. They wear black and cover their faces; their tactics include hurling rocks and bags of urine at police officers. Their main agenda seemed to be disrupting fundraisers and other functions in downtown Denver related to the convention. Of course, denied the opportunity to do that, they resort to petty vandalism.

These new age brown shirts aren't confined to this event. They (ne'er-do-wells dressed in black intent on rioting and inflicting property damage in the name of the cause-du-jure) make appearances at other evens such as meetings of the WTO and G8 in the US and Europe. They have also announced plans on the internet to disrupt the Republican National Convention, as well. They are fuzzy on their ideology; these gangs are usually made up of an odd alliance of communists and anarchists. Their overarching grievance is usually euphemistically phrased as "anti-imperialism" or "anti-capitalism" of course we see in this case, the real result of their actions is to interefere with the legitimate democratic process.

Blogger and citizen journalist, Zombie, was in Denver and has reports posted on littlegreenfootballs. Follow the links for pictures and excellent commentary:

Zombie: The Denver Games - Opening Ceremony
Zombie: Recreate 68 Finally Lives Up to Its Name: Riot in Denver

Best caption:
An unfortunate side effect of announcing your riot on the Internet is that the police can see the announcement as well. As a result, squads of cops milled through the crowd, looking for troublemakers.

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