Thursday, August 28, 2008

if Orwell could blog...

Supa cool! George Orwell's diaries are being posted to the day, 70 years later, as though he were a blogger.


The Orwell Prize, Britain’s pre-eminent prize for political writing, is publishing George Orwell’s diaries as a blog. From 9th August 2008, Orwell’s domestic and political diaries (from 9th August 1938 until October 1942) will be posted in real-time, exactly 70 years after the entries were written.
Orwell’s ‘domestic’ diaries begin on 9th August 1938/2008; his ‘political’ diaries (which are further categorised as ‘Morocco’, ‘Pre-war’ and ‘Wartime’) begin on 7th September 1938/2008.
The diaries are exactly as Orwell wrote them. Where there are original spelling errors, they are indicated by a ° following the offending word.

The entries so far are mostly weather and gardening; the good stuff should start in a week or two. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

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