Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack on Energy: Rolling blackouts = good

Did he really just say that? Yep. He sure did. The oil section of Dear Leader's energy policy was so absurd, I almost didn't catch the wackiness with the electricity!

Part of his solution to foreign oil dependency is plug in hybrids. He wants 1 million 150mpg gallon plug in hybrids. Simultaneously, he will reduce demand for electricity by 15%. If you think that is sketchy logic then read this; I promise it's good for a laugh:

The state of California has implemented such a successful efficiency strategy that while electricity consumption grew 60% in this country over the last three decades, it didn't grow at all in California.

There is no reason America can't do the same thing.

HAAAA hahahhaaa hah *giggle* *snort*

I guess that no one told Our Dear Leader about the rolling blackouts in California. California didn't grow their energy consumption because there wasn't enough electricity! Also note, that they didn't grow their energy consumption; Barack wants us to cut ours by 15%.

Who was governor of California during that period, anyway? Gray Davis, a democrat! FYI, team Obama, Californians got so pissed they held a special referendum to give Davis the boot; that's how Arnold got into office. So far, Obama is channeling energy policies of Jimmy Carter and Gray Davis. Brilliant! Give the man a Guinness. In a rare flash of modesty, Obama admits:

I will not pretend the goals I laid out today aren't ambitious. They are. I will not pretend we can achieve them without cost, or without sacrifice, or without the contribution of almost every American citizen.

Obama's energy plan for America: gasoline shortages and rolling blackouts. Awesome.

Update --
Good news! Rolling blackouts aren't so bad. They don't last for very long, and you'll even be notified in advance. If you live near a hospital, your power might not even go out at all! C'mon people; do it for the polar bears. They're cute.

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