Sunday, March 8, 2009

Being president is hard, whaa

Via the guys at Hotair:

Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown

Sources close to the White House say Mr Obama and his staff have been "overwhelmed" by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest.

A small suggestion, if he wasn't so busy trying to hijack the economy and picking fights with radio show hosts, Obama might have time to attend to his actual job. Commentors at Hotair are speculating that the "sources close to the White House" means Colin Powell. I think that is at least plausible given the details in the Telegraph article.

Allies of Mr Obama say his weary appearance in the Oval Office with Mr Brown illustrates the strain he is now under, and the president's surprise at the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk.

Like Duh. Being prez is hard work.

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