Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The budgetary black hole

There goes another $410 billion that we will never get back. I think we now have a gov't spending program so dense it warps the fabric of space-time. The more you throw in, the more it sucks up. We need to start talking about this thing using scientific notation because 'billion' and 'trillion' don't really sum it up. $410 billion is $4.10 x 10^11.

Of course, that is just the stop-gap emergency budget. We haven't even gotten to Obama's real budget: $3.6 trillion, ($3.6 x 10^12). But you investors shouldn't worry:

Lawmakers Weigh Need for Second Stimulus to Spur Job Growth

But Mrs. Pelosi suggested she's not ruling out action on another measure if the economy remains weak. "We have to keep the door open," Rep. Pelosi said after a closed-door meeting with several private economists. The speaker stressed the goal of lawmakers is not just to spur job growth, but to shore consumer and business sentiment, as well.

Oh good, Nancy Pelosi is on it. My consumer and business sentiment feels shored, doesn't yours?

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