Monday, March 30, 2009

Diagnosis ODS?

Obama Derangement Syndrome
By David Monday, March 30, 2009

I have been watching an interesting phenomenon on the Right, which is beginning to cause me concern. I am referring to the over-the-top hysteria in response to the first months in office of our new president, which distinctly reminds me of the “Bush Is Hitler” crowd on the Left.

Speaking of this crowd, have you seen any “I am so sorry” postings from that quarter as Obama continues and even escalates the former president's war policy in Afghanistan and attempts to consolidate his military occupation of Iraq?

Conservatives, please. Let's not duplicate the manias of the Left as we figure out how to deal with Mr. Obama. He is not exactly the anti-Christ, although a disturbing number of people on the Right are convinced he is.

I have recently received commentaries that claim that "Obama's speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history" and "never has a politician in this land had such a quasi-religious impact on so many people" and "Obama is a narcissist," which leads the author to then compare Obama to David Koresh, Charles Manson, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. Excuse me while I blow my nose.

Weeeellll, excuse me while I pick my nose -- guess which finger I am using. His speeches ARE unlike any political speech we have ever heard; they send tingles up the collective leg of the left. The difference between Bush derangement syndrome and Obama derangement syndrome will be determined by history. In the meantime there will be some elections, too. At the moment, Obama & Co. are busy socializing our financial and auto industries and erroding the value of the dollar. Down the road, if we are dealing with an energy crisis, rampant inflation, and looking the other way while Iran churns out nukes, that commentary won't look quite so deranged, will it?

I would love to be cured so I can sit back, chillax, sip my kool-aid, and enjoy the global socialist utopia with the rest of the happy global citizens of UN hemispheric district #6. Just for the record, I don't think Obama is Hitler, Stalin, or the anti-Christ; that is all giving him WAY to much credit. I also don't think he is Ronald F. Lincoln, as he has been marketing himself. I think he is the love child of Jimmy Carter and Hugo Chavez. Ewwww. Bad mental image just then.

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