Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Going Galt

Galt's Gulch* doesn't exist in real life - sadly - but many are brainstorming ways to create the same effect, basically going on strike, to avoid the oppressive tax regime that is looming on the horizon.

Here is an impassioned rant on the subject:

Going John Galt

Gas lines, unemployment, inflation, problems with terrorists… we have all thisand more to look forward to, right down to the guy in the Oval Office lecturing us that we can’t keep our homes at the temperature we like. At least Carter had the decency to put on a sweater and give the appearance of suffering right along with the rest of us. President Obama can’t even do that. These things are going to happen eventually anyway because the 40% cannot carry the rest of the country, nor should a moral society expect us to do so. My goal is to not extend the misery; to hasten the inevitable crash so we can recover quickly.

Also, Dr. Helen gets it:

Going John Galt

Perhaps the partisian politics we are dealing with now is really just a struggle between those of us who believe in productivity, personal responsibility, and keeping government interference to a minimum, and those who believe in the socialistic policies of taking from others, using the government as a watchdog,and rewarding those who overspend, underwork, or are just plain unproductive.

“Going Galt” doesn’t have to involve some kind of radical survivalist adventure. It can be anything that denies the government of a few hundred bucks of tax loot. Small actions add up. If enough individuals make a small decrease in the amount they hand over to the government, the resulting drop in gov't revenues will send a loud message to the White House.

(*The picture at the begining of this article is of the San Juan mountains, the inspiration for the setting of Galt's Gulch)

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