Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama 'not a socialist' Audio

Obama: I am ... uh ... not an ... uh ... socialist ... and uhhh ... you know ... it was all Bush's fault

Okay, I am paraphrasing. The actual quotes are less coherent. Obama gave an interview with the New York Times last week. Following the interview he was so concerned, he had to call the NYT back to emphasize that he is not a socialist.

At least, I think he is trying to emphasize that he is not a socialist. There are so many "ummms" and "uhhhhs" and empty space filler phrases like "I know", "I think", "it's important to note" and "it's ... uhhh .. important to ... uhhh ... emphasize ... uhhh .. that .. uhhh". He is President of the United States and he cannot even articulate his economic philosophy without being fed his lines.

Money quote, "I have more than enough to do ..uhh... without having to worry about the financial system". I guess they didn't have the teleprompter set up on Marine 1.

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