Monday, March 30, 2009

Green! Like red but with a hipster cool vibe

Green! It's the new red. Yeah, I know, someone already made a bumper sticker. I said it first though, dammit! I have also been saying this:

EDITORIAL: Protect us from the EPA
There are lots of good arguments here. One good one:

Having no cars, no air conditioning, or no electricity would presumably be much worse than anything people claim results from global warming.

Uhhg. But then there is this:

COP15, Copenhagen -- United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this year will be the moment in history when humanity can rise to the challenge and decisively deal with the issue. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that greenhouse gas emissions must be radically reduced to prevent climate change from sliding into climate chaos.

Only the UN can save the world! Kyoto, Copenhagen, the IPCC -- this is all leading one place. The goal is to establish a precedent in which the UN has the authority to levy taxes. I don't recall voting for anyone in the UN. Why do Russia, China, France, etc. get to say what taxes we pay here in the United States? Sheesh. Talk about ye old taxation without representation.

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